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Our Features (see below):


    English Education: 

 Our school has been awarded the status of National Foreign Language Education School and also of English Teaching Experimental Primary School. Our faculty has shared our experiences with colleagues at many English education seminars, and we once won high praise from Mr. Jeff Wright, Principal of Jenks East Primary School in USA during his visit to our school.

 乒乓球特色学校于1992年就被命名为四川省乒乓球传统项目学校20085·12特大地震后,学校由新加坡“让爱川流不息”赈灾工作小组捐建的1434 平方米独一无二的地下乒乓球训练馆使我校乒乓球特色建设如虎添翼,从2010年秋季开始,学校充分利用硬件的利好优势,不仅在3-6年级设置乒乓球训练课,还开展了乒乓球特色课程建设。由此,学校每年为上级乒乓球学校输送乒乓球苗子10名,现已经有25人被国家队、省队和北大、复旦大学、川大等选调和特招,有8人进入四川队,3人进入国家二队。2011年,我校学生朱雨玲同学以优异成绩进入国乒一队,并将与郭跃等名将一起并肩作战,备战2012年伦敦奥运会。

Table Tennis

Our school was nominated as Table Tennis Training School in Sichuan province as early as 1992. In the aftermath of the massive earthquake on May 12, 2008, the Singapore-based “Continuous Love” relief team has helped us build a unique underground table tennis training center of 1,434 square meters. We have made great use of the new space to train our students in table tennis. From the fall semester of 2010, we have offered table tennis training courses to all students in Grades 3 through 6. Every year our school will send 10 young talents to schools at higher levels. So far, 25 of our students have been recruited by table tennis teams at national or provincial levels, as well as by famous universities including BeijingUniversity, FudanUniversity and SichuanUniversity. Eight of our students are on the Sichuan Table Tennis Team and three are in National No.2 Table Tennis Team. Most notably, Zhu Yuling from our school has been recruited into the National No. 1 Table Tennis Team in 2011, and she is going to train with famous sportsmen like Guo Yue in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.